Rest in peace Elvis. There will never be another like you, not even close. But, you will forever be loved and cherished by millions and we’ll keep you alive through stories, films, and music. You were the fearless musician who changed the face of music forever. We are all proud of you. 

My father has always been a massive, devoted Elvis fan. This is the story he told me about finding out about his death:

He was always bullied in school for wearing Elvis shirts and being a fan of his. Once he got beat up at a park for it, they hit him so hard in the stomach he threw up. JUST for being an Elvis fan. So on August 16th, 1977 he was going to football practice. He was 9 years old at the time and one of the kids who always gave him a hard time for it came up to him and said “Hey, Greg did you hear that the King died?” followed by laughter. My dad said “That’s not funny, its not true.” The kid told him “Its true, I heard it on the radio he died this morning.” At this point my dad got really emotional and elbowed the kid in the side, asking him to please stop. Throughout the rest of the practice everyone kept insisting to him that it was true, but he didn’t want to believe it. When practice was over and his mom picked him up he asked “Is it true, mom? Did Elvis die?” and his mom told him that he did and said “I’m so sorry, Greg.”. He said he felt his heart drop and immediately his eyes welled up with tears. He held it in until he got up to his room because he didn’t want his dad to make fun of him. For the rest of the afternoon and night, he layed in bed and cried listening to Elvis records; ignoring anyone who came to the door.

Its heartbreaking, but touching story. He never gave up on Elvis, no matter how horribly people treated him for loving him. Today, he is having an Elvis concert DVD marathon in his honor.